Trading Vices (A Vice is Still a Vice), Scenario #2

Walking around being comfortable with a vice is much like living a life that openly celebrates or applauds sin. That may be tough to hear, but it’s true nonetheless.

Some Hidden and Obvious Vices:












Breaking free from a vice is hard work. Thankfully, it is not an impossible task for the One who has divine power over all things. With God, all things are possible…especially when it comes to overcoming a vice.

If deliverance is what is needed in your life today, call on the Savior. He cares for you and He is not willing that you should lose yourself or perish in your sins.

Where Real Life Meets the Word of God:

Trading Vices…What Do You Have to Say About the Matter?/What Does the Bible Say About All of the Issues?

Scenario #2: An older gentleman who had been an “upstanding citizen” in his rural community and a model deacon at his home congregation was relocated to live with his granddaughter in a metro area for a short time, in order to receive treatment for an illness. While being cared for at his granddaughter’s home, he was visited by many members of her church. The well meaning members brought food, gifts and other items that they thought could be helpful. One afternoon, the gentleman’s granddaughter had a doctor’s appointment, so she asked her best friend and fellow saint to come over and sit with her relative. Her friend did not hesitate. When the friend went in to attend to the older gentleman and take him his evening meal, the man pushed the food tray away and made a rather negative comment about eating from the hands of a “n—–.” Eventually, the granddaughter returned and her friend informed her about what happened. When the granddaughter confronted her grandfather, he lied about what happened, saying that it was his word against her friend’s. He then gave her a rundown of his history and status in both his home community and church.  Is there a message of repentance, hope, redemption, and/or deliverance that can be shared in this scenario?

What do you have to say about the matter?

What does the Bible say about all of the issues?

(A Special Phone Tree BSG Post on Overcoming Vices)

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