Finding the Light After a Season of Darkness

“I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

John 8:12


Have you ever been in a dark room for a long period of time? How did it make you feel?

Did you feel isolated, cut off, lonely, or disconnected?

Did you feel anxious, depressed, fearful, or hopeless?

Did you sweat, get nauseous, have heart palpitations, or experience a sense of confusion or disorientation?

Did you have a nervous, agitated energy that was hard to contain?

Living without the LORD can be much like this. It can be a solitary, frightening, troubling state. There can be a great sense of dissatisfaction or lack that overwhelmingly burdens an individual and shakes him to the core. Many may disagree with me, however, for some, this is a truth.

Existing in a state that offers no light, no illumination, and no hope or sense of brightness can influence the mental, emotional, physical, and even the spiritual being of a man. It can be so debilitating, after a time, to the point of nonfunctionality.

Now, if you have been in a darkened room for a long period of time and a light was suddenly turned on, how did it make you feel?

Were you stunned?

Did you experience a brief degree of discomfort as your eyes adjusted to the unexpected light?

Did you feel an immediate sense of relief or calmness?

Did you become more confident or courageous with regard to mastering your surroundings?

Were you suddenly injected with a feeling of joy in the soul of your heart?

Did a new sense of hope come over you?

Living in the Light of the LORD is much like this. It is comforting, brilliant, soothing, and exciting. It brings with it a joyfulness or, perhaps, an awe that manifests itself as praise. It ushers in a desire to worship and to learn. It influences an individual to engage in countless opportunities meant for growth and knowledge.

When there is the presence of the Light in the life of someone who was stranded or rather lost in darkness, there comes an unapologetic zeal for all things God.

But I would have you consider this – how does one actually find the Light after a season of darkness?

How does one come upon, locate, discover, obtain, perceive, become aware of, gain, and/or uncover the Light of the LORD?




Spiritual Life Fitness Study: Read and reflect on the following scriptures. Dissect them and see the illuminating lesson(s) behind each.

  • SEEK -> Jeremiah 29:13; Matthew 7:7
  • FOLLOW -> John 8:12; Matthew 16:24; Luke 18:22
  • LEARN -> Matthew 11:28-29

And for those who are desirous of finding the Light after a season of darkness but don’t know how to initiate or begin the process of seeking, following, or learning, it is important that we care or them or rather love them enough to share the message of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20, AMP)



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