Destination JESUS|The Genesis

Destination JESUS|The Genesis (Laying the Foundation for 365-16)

December 2015 – Part 1 of 4 


Finding the place of a new beginning, where spiritual growth and religious maturity are concerned, is a beautiful thing. There are so many possibilities! Imagine all that God wants to reveal, all that He wants to share. Getting to and being at that new beginning or genesis place  can be a time of discovery, a time of examination, and a time of revelation. It can be a time of releasing and letting go. It can be a time, in truth, that is rich with opportunity. There is a blessed preparation and a holy equipping for the journey ahead that comes to mind. That is what Destination JESUS|The Genesis is all about.

Over the next four weeks, the Phone Tree Bible Study Group will endeavor to walk through a season of preparation. As we make our way toward 2016 and prepare to embrace our OneWord or 1Concept approach to the 365-day year, we will be studying key Scriptures in God’s Word, we will be praying over rendered requests from the saints, and many of us will even be fasting when or where necessary. By month’s end, we want to be in a better position – the best position – to walk out Destination JESUS 365-16.

What is Destination JESUS about anyway? To grow closer to the LORD GOD, to know a life-altering intimacy with His WORD, and to experience a radical SPIRITual transformation – that is what Destination JESUS is all about.

Consider this -> What would happen if you decided to intentionally make Jesus your destination for 365 days in the coming year? Would your life change for the better? Would you learn to see the LORD GOD as King? Would you be able to righteously walk with power and authority? Would you be able to finally live in the freedom that you have been given?

Is the Destination JESUS Bible study meant for you? If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then this study is definitely for you.

  • Do you fully or even adequately know the Most High as Savior, LORD and King?
  • Is Jesus important to you?
  • Do you operate and/or walk in the power that dwells inside of you?
  • Are you presently in a place of spiritual dryness?
  • Is there a stronghold in your life that prevents you from living an upright existence in the LORD?
  • Do you know how to walk in the joy that comes through living in Christ?
  • Do you wear the armor of God daily or do you just admire it from afar while talking about it and its importance?
  • Do you focus on living in the fullness of God or do you focus on living in the lack that tends to overwhelm you?
  • Have you been leading yourself, serving yourself, or sabotaging yourself in any way?
  • Are you ready to allow God to lead you, direct you and save you in every way?
  • Has fear taken root in your heart or have you mastered the lesson of what it means to take courage?
  • Is an offering of blessing or praise lifted up to God on a daily basis from you?

Destination Jesus was born from many of the aforementioned points. It was spoken into being by the voices of saint-hearts who shared their struggle. Several expressed their difficulties with their relationship and intimacy with the Most High. A number indicated their inability to live Christ-like lives. And still some confessed that they did not know much about the Spirit or that they were, in fact, quenching Him.

For this season’s road ahead, the Phone Tree has come up with an assignment plan for you to refer to. The assignments will help you clarify things. None of our beginning, middle, or end points, for that matter, will look the same. However, they will certainly get us to where we need to be by 365-16.

Destination JESUS|The Genesis Assignments: 

  1. PRAY. (Assignment: Stop what you are doing right now and go to a private place of prayer. Pray to the LORD about finding the place of your new genesis. Ask Him to Psalm 119:27 you. From there, pray even more about being prepared for your 2016 journey, as well as for the December Destination JESUS Genesis series. Ask Him to help you truthfully reveal all of the strongholds, idols, and/or distractions that you need to surrender to Him and to give you the strength to do so. Finally, respectfully ask the LORD to take the lead in all things where your life is concerned.)
  2. STUDY. (Assignment: Complete a thorough reading of the following scriptures -> Genesis 1:1; John 1:1-5; 1 John 1:1-4. Study what each verse means. Make sure that you write down your thoughts. It will be important that you keep your notes in one place. You will be completing targeted Scripture studies over this 4-week season of preparation.)
  3. REFLECT. (Assignment: Begin to joyfully reflect on what the LORD is revealing to you through the particular scriptures that are being featured each week.)
  4.  PRAISE. (Assignment: Offer the LORD a Psalm 34:1 blessing based on what you learn each week.)
  5.  CONFESS. (Assignment: Admit your your fears, your hangups, your weaknesses and your particular challenges before God. Learning how to disrobe in the presence of God will help you in the coming weeks. Look at 2 Corinthians 12:9.)
  6. COMMUNE. (Assignment: Imagine yourself at a feast with Jesus Christ. What 3 questions would you ask Him based on what you were exposed to this week?)
  7. PARTNER. (Assignment: Connect with a godly accountability partner. See if they would be open and willing to pray with you regarding your season of preparation. Ask them if they might be interested in engaging in their own Destination JESUS journey.)

NEXT WEEK: Destination JESUS|The Genesis (Laying the Foundation for 365-16), Part 2/4


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