Destination JESUS|The Genesis, Part 2/4 (Preparation)

Destination JESUS|The Genesis (Laying the Foundation for 365-16)

December 2015 – Part 2 of 4 (Preparation)


The process of preparation is no small thing. It requires much from an individual. It requires that one be properly conditioned or readied. It requires that one puts things in order and/or prioritize. It also requires that one takes action, looking to the LORD and His Word to get a thorough understanding of what must come to pass.


This week, the Phone Tree Bible Study Group will focus on three key scriptural texts, in order to learn how to best be prepared for the road ahead and specifically for Destination JESUS 365-16.

Destination JESUS|The Genesis Preparation Assignments:

PRAY. (Assignment: Commit to praying every day this week. Ask the LORD (every day) to prepare your mind and heart for what He wants to show you in your present time, as well as in the coming year. Ask Him to shape your path where your OneWord or 1Concept is concerned.)

STUDY. (Assignment: Read each of the following passages. Refer to your favorite Bible translation, in addition to the Voice and the Amplified Bible. (bible

1. CONDITIONED & READIED -> Ephesians 6:10-18

2. ORDER/PRIORITIZE -> Luke 2:41-52

3. TAKE ACTION -> 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

NOTE: (Assignment: Take notes, making sure to ask yourself how each of the passages above speaks to the subject matter indicated. (i.e. What is Eph. 6:10-18 revealing as it relates to me being conditioned or made ready? How does this reinforce the idea of preparation?))

PARTNER: (Assignment: Send an email to to secure a list of reflective questions to go along with this week’s STUDY assignment or to make your prayer requests known.)

Destination JESUS Objectives:

To grow closer to the LORD GOD

To know a life-altering intimacy with His WORD

To experience a radical SPIRITual transformation



NEXT WEEK: Destination JESUS|The Genesis (Laying the Foundation for 365-16), Part 3/4 (Prayer Power)



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