In the A.M.|Love Others Enough to Tell Them About Jesus

In the A.M. (My Thoughts About the I AM in the A.M.)

1:43 A.M.

Every day that we live, I realize more and more how much our lives are not our own. They don’t belong to us. They belong to the LORD. Isn’t that a beautiful blessing? Our lives belong to the One who created us, who provides for us, who protects us, who alone satisfies every need in us.

Every chance that we get, we have an opportunity to share Him with others and to show Him to others. We get to know Him and make Him known. We get to spread His Good News message. We get to love the LORD and to love others enough to share the greatest gift ever known to man – JESUS.


Go and Tell Others About the One Who Breaks Every Chain

Jesus. The name above all names. He is Savior and LORD. He is the Life and the Light. He alone is the One who is the hope and salvation of all. He alone saves us. He alone is the love of God who was made manifest to all creation. He is the power, strength and Word of God made alive. He is the One who overcame sin and death and who fulfilled the promise, giving all men a chance to be free and to be with the Most High for all eternity. There is power in His name. Power enough to break every chain. Did you know that? Good, if so. Well, guess what? Others may not know Jesus or know that He has the power to break every chain. They may not know that He is the power! As the LORD’s creation, we must all go forward and tell others the who and the what of Jesus. We must love enough to tell it all.

The “Tell Enough” Story

Sometimes when we talk to others or try to talk to others about Jesus, many of us don’t know what to say. I say, tell them the “tell enough” story. This story has four key parts – the time (Genesis 1, John 1, and 1 John 1), the tell (The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), the testimony (your story of how you came to know and follow Christ and His saving grace), and the talk (the message of God’s hope extended outward in invitation, where His story intersects with theirs).

My A.M. Challenge to You

Each one of us has been given a chance to live a Mark 12:30-31  lifestyle. My challenge to you is to go and do that. Go and live loving God and others enough to do that and to tell that (go back and re-read  this whole post again to really get what I’m trying to tell you on this day).

3:08 A.M. #loverules #yourlifeisnotyourown #tellTHAT #JESUSbreakseverychain


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