The Major Prophet|Isaiah

A #DestinationJESUS Sunday Bible Study Series

January 2016 – Isaiah: Study 3


Assigned Reading: Isaiah 4-5

Points of Consideration:

Chapter 4

  • Who is the Branch of the LORD being identified in Isaiah 4:2?
  • What prophecy was uncovered in chapter 4?
  • What did the LORD specifically want to do regarding Zion and Jerusalem?
  • What was the significance of the cloud and the fire noted in Isaiah 4:5-6?

Chapter 5

  • Who is the Beloved and what did He do?
  • Is there a notable relationship between Isaiah 5 and John 15:1-8?
  • What powerful message is the LORD teaching in Isaiah 5:7?
  • What is Sheol?
  • How many names is God referred to in chapter 5?
  • What are the justice, judgment, and anger of the LORD all about?

Personal Reflection:

Did any one verse resonate with you personally?
What is your #destination message from chapters 4 and 5?


  • How can one learn to pay attention to the deeds of the LORD?
  • How do we expand our knowledge of God?
  • What type of fruit does your life yield?
  • Why do you think God continuously reveals His names to His children?

Going Further: Explore the name “Branch of the LORD.”

“But the Lord of hosts will be exalted in justice,
And God, the Holy One, will show Himself holy in righteousness [through His righteous judgments].” – Isaiah 5:16 (AMP)



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