Love God More


Happy New Year! 

2017 has just begun, and it is fresh and new, with no mistakes in it. 

What will you do? How will you go forward? When will you live and move and breathe in the abundance that is spoken of in the Bible? Where will you serve?

Will you strive to move beyond self? Will you seek to know God more? Will you walk in His truth? Will you surrender to the LORD who was King yesterday and still exists as such today?

If you hear nothing else of import this year, hear this. Know this. You must, I must, we must love God more. 

Love Him more than your favorite comfort. Love Him more than your favorite perversion. Love Him more than your secret obsession and your pet sins. Love Him more than your selfish needs, your costly wants and your deviant desires. 

Love God More! 

You can do it. I can do it. We can do it. He will help us. 

Scripture Reflection: 2 Peter 3

Challenge: Share this message with someone you care about deeply and commit to praying for them, without ceasing.



2 thoughts on “Love God More

  1. I would like to join the phone meetings, but I haven’t been contacted. Are there phone meetings with this group?

    • Happy New Year, Linda! Thanks for connecting with The Phone Tree Bible Study Group.

      To answer your question, yes, we do host phone conferencing. It is scheduled intermittently and is based on a pre-determined calendar. Presently, there are no phone conferences scheduled for the first quarter.

      The Phone Tree Bible Study Group has evolved with the changing lives and needs of its participants. With that said, I want to make you aware of some of the alternative options we utilize. We have successfully used and continue to provide studies and more by way of blogging, emails and e-blasts, text streams, Skpye/FaceTime, and prayer calls, in an effort to encourage and support interested participants.

      I hope you will join us in 2017.

      Many Blessings,

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