Special Interest: Fitness, Fun, & the 35-Day Challenge

So, how is it going? Has your new year been everything you wanted it to be so far?

And just how is your fitness program going? Superb? That is exactly what I wanted to hear!

If you are looking to take your workout program to the next level, let me challenge you to consider… the NEW Jazzercise. In fact, why don’t you join me in participating in the 35-Day Challenge? You won’t regret it.


Torch fat, sculpt lean muscle and crush calories with this high intensity workout that mixes dance-based cardio with strength training. Fresh pulse-pounding music and body-blasting moves bring the intensity to transform your body, boost your mood and ignite your energy.


Interval classes unleash the heart pumping, fat burning power of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT). It’s max intensity from start to finish—there’s no rest in these intervals. Get defined in all the right places with circuit-based bursts of cardio and strength training.

Supercharge your metabolism and blast fat fast. This circuit-based High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) class fuses cardio pumping dance moves with muscle work. Rev up your results with this total body workout.

Rock your core with this cardio plus strength class designed to get you to your best body ever. Every move has a core-crunching focus to chisel your middle and target those v-line abs.

Strike hits cardio and muscles hard for maximum impact. Jab and kick your way through sweaty, pumping music mixes that end with a muscle blast. Knock out fat and stress and release your endorphins. Calories don’t stand a chance.

Forge the tight, lean body you’re looking for while the pulse-pounding playlist distracts you from the burn. Fire up the muscles—all of them—in this 45 minute hard core muscle sculpting strength workout.

Go for confidence-inspiring contour and definition while you melt fat. A full 60 minutes of fat-burning, muscle-sculpting, it-hurts-and-it’s-worth-it strength training. This class will transform you!

Cut to the chase with a 30 minute blast of dance-based cardio plus strength training. Rev it up and rock it out in half the time.

Make it personal with supercharged fat-blasting, muscle-chiseling, body-rocking intensity in a small group or individual setting.

Kids have a blast working it out with new music mixes, high energy dance moves and fitness games created just for them. It’s all about fitness, coordination, strength, nutrition, confidence and—most of all—fun!

Get all the pulse-pounding, body-pumping intensity without the hop. Use your muscles—not your momentum—to get a killer core workout. Rock it out with dance-based cardio and strength training for total body transformation.

Be fierce with this fat-burning cardio and muscles workout. Build balance and flexibility, tone your whole body and charge up your metabolism with pulse-pounding beats, modified movements and lower intensity for all fitness levels.

Learn more about one of my favorite special interest topics here…#theNEWJazzercise

If you live in the Atlanta area, come and join me at Jazzercise Decatur Fitness Center.



ToxicFree in 21 Days

Brittany in her own words…

Hi friends! Many of you know my story with my 6 yr. son, Griffin, and how unknown pesticide exposure almost left him with a spectrum disorder.
This past Friday, after living a pretty clean, organic and ToxicFree life for the last couple years, Griffin tested one of the lowest levels of toxic chemicals inside of his body than anyone has tested at our doctor before. This is truly a “Praise the Lord” type dance on my end! It is also a testimony to how making simple changes around our home has honestly made a difference!
I am so passionate about sharing the ToxicFree movement with others that God has opened the door for me to create a ToxicFree in 21 Days program that includes a free downloadable or printable guide.
Starting tomorrow evening for the next 3 weeks I will host a 20-30 minute quick training phone call to introduce each week of the program. I’m kicking off the program tomorrow night (Tuesday) February 9th, at 9:00 PM EST.
I’m also giving away $10,000 worth of some of my favorite ToxicFree products to those who are on the call tomorrow night and the following weeks!
I’m super excited that the Lord has opened the doors for me to do this program and offer this free product to my friends and family!
I’m excited to share the ToxicFree movement with others so that they can learn how simple it is to identify dangerous chemicals inside of their home and protect their family with easy changes. The chemical industry in the US alone has tripled over the last few years. Our government does not regulate our products and many are NOT tested for safety before they are put on the store shelves.
If you’d like to learn how easy it can be to identify some of these dangerous chemicals that are linked to autism, cancer, infertility, heart disease, diabetes and the list goes on….please join me tomorrow night! I promise I will make it easy and be available for any questions you have!
In addition to our weekly calls and free guide that gives you a detailed program, there will also be a FB group page where you can be apart of the advice, education and encouragement for our ToxicFree journey!


Many Blessings,