Courageous Women: Lives That Influence

In life, you will cross paths with many people. There will be women (and men) who are like you and yet who are vastly different from you. Some will share your interests, some will have the same desires as you, and some will seek to engage in the same kinds of service and missionary efforts as you. Others may, instead, dedicate their time and attention to works that are far removed from the interests of your heart. They may move along the lines of the atypical. Still, a common thread may exist somewhere in the middle of all the diversity.

With the aforementioned in mind, I would like to introduce three courageous women who have chosen similar and yet very different life paths. They can also be referred to as “The Power Three” in my life.

Each of these women have very much influenced me as I have sought to go deeper into the Word of God. At one point or another in my life, they have taught me how to approach the Scriptures. They have provided countless resources, methods, and/or tools to better aid me in delving into the inspired Word. They have also given their lives over for the cause of Christ and the furtherance of His teachings. They have been instrumental in enlivening my spirit and in influencing my heart for the LORD. I pray that they might do the same for you.

Cassandra Martin, God, Pass By Me

Growing up in the Christian faith, I can recall having an extremely strong desire to understand who God was. Even as a young child, I wanted to know Him beyond what I “saw” on Sunday mornings at church or what I viewed on television, by way of The Sound of Music. I was a bit confused, you see, and rightly so.

I knew God was not the statue of Buddha that rested on a shelf in my grandmother’s living room – the statue given to her by an uncle who fought in the Vietnam war and who was angry at God for having put him through a heartless war. I also knew He was not the “god” that the person who violated me went to “worship” on every second and fourth Sunday. But who was He? Who was God?

As I continued to mature and grow, I began researching. I studied as much as I could. One day, my search to know God led me to Cassandra Martin. Specifically, I discovered her book, God, Pass By Me. The message in this book helped me to learn who God was. It helped me to see Him and understand Him through His names. It introduced me to the God who knew me personally and loved me passionately.

I thank God for Cassandra Martin and for her message, which was instrumental in my spiritual awakening.

Beth Moore, Breaking Free and Believing God

Well into my Christian walk, I crossed paths with a beloved sister who genuinely cared for me. She was an older woman who showed me true love in the faith. Lynn shared her love for Christ with me. She prayed with me, studied with me, and fellowshipped with me more times than I can say. In 2007, Lynn invited me to attend a women’s event. Speaking at the women’s event was a powerhouse named Beth Moore. Beth’s message was like a healing balm to my wounded soul.

Beth’s message on freedom and deliverance was life-changing for me. Through Beth and my sweet sister, Lynn, I began my journey toward breaking free. I began walking away from a past of shame and the things that haunted me. I was able to face myself in a new way. And more than that, I was also inspired to begin believing God.

I thank God for Beth Moore and her messages, which were key to my steps toward living a life of truth and freedom.

Priscilla Shirer, JONAH: Navigating a Life Interrupted, One in a Million, and Can We Talk? Soul Stirring Conversations with God

Once I started walking (I mean running) toward real truth and real freedom found in Christ, my path came across Priscilla Shirer. My first thought was…WOW! My second thought was…WHOA! And even now, my thoughts are….WHAT?!?! This woman has literally rocked me off my feet. How? Her bible studies and books, that’s how.

What began as a simple message from Priscilla about the prophet Jonah ended with a life-transforming and incredibly moving blessing about the divine intervention of God. Her message and messages led me down a road that was far from my personal Egypt and it took me to a place where I was able to ask deeper, more raw, and intensely intimate questions of God. It led me to a place where I could grasp and accept my uniqueness in the Most High. It helped me – a little girl who still battled her past – to see that God really delighted in me and wanted and still wants me to hear His voice, speak to Him, and share a reciprocal relationship.

I thank God for Priscilla Shirer and her messages, which influenced me to love God with a zealous and living passion and to love myself in Him.

Stay tuned for more on Courageous Women. Next, meet “The Tell-It-Like-It-Is Two.”