Crying Out! This is WAR!

From My Heart: Good morning, saints. Blessings, peace and love to you from my heart, by way of the Most High God. I greet you this morning with a holy kiss.

I want to assure you that you have not been forgotten by me. I have offered up many prayers on your behalf. It is my honor to do so.

As many of you know, it has been a challenging season for me. Nevertheless, God is faithful. I am standing only because He deems it to be so. I am grateful for His enduring, unwavering presence. Also, I am humbled, even now, as I reflect on what He has done in my life and what He is doing.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the Get Back to God Series continuation is scheduled. It will hit on some pretty deep lessons related to WAR. Yes, I said war.

Keep an eye out for the new blog posts in this series. You just may find something that can help you live your life in Christ out more fully.

Coming Soon…

Crying Out! This is WAR: Spiritual Warfare

Crying Out! This is WAR: Doing Battle in the Day-to-Day

Crying Out! This is WAR: Casualties of War

Crying Out! This is WAR: Weapons of Warfare

Crying Out! This is WAR: Jehovah Nissi

Crying Out! This is WAR: Camping Out -> Psalm 19:14; Psalm 23; Ephesians 6:10-20: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Psalm 27-28; Psalm 119

Crying Out! This is WAR: Cleanse. Disentangle. Purge. Purify. Nourish.

Crying Out! This is WAR: Yes and Amen

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may the readers of this message be blessed by You. May they experience You in a brand new way each day that they are given. May they see what You need them to see and hear what You need them to hear. May they trust that You will never leave or forsake them. May they trust that You will lead them where they need to go. Help them to depend on You every step of the way. May they know Christ and the Holy Spirit as You have always wanted them to know. May they rest assured and be confident in knowing that salvation through Christ is the way home. May they never give up or surrender to the evil one. Instead, let them recognize his tactics, but more than that, let them know Your power and authority over those tactics. May each person be emboldened to take courage. Let each person believe, know, live, walk, talk, and move with power, love and a sound mind. In the mighty name of Jesus do I offer this prayer. Amen. Amen. Amen!

Trading Vices (A Vice is Still a Vice), Scenario #2

Walking around being comfortable with a vice is much like living a life that openly celebrates or applauds sin. That may be tough to hear, but it’s true nonetheless.

Some Hidden and Obvious Vices:












Breaking free from a vice is hard work. Thankfully, it is not an impossible task for the One who has divine power over all things. With God, all things are possible…especially when it comes to overcoming a vice.

If deliverance is what is needed in your life today, call on the Savior. He cares for you and He is not willing that you should lose yourself or perish in your sins.

Where Real Life Meets the Word of God:

Trading Vices…What Do You Have to Say About the Matter?/What Does the Bible Say About All of the Issues?

Scenario #2: An older gentleman who had been an “upstanding citizen” in his rural community and a model deacon at his home congregation was relocated to live with his granddaughter in a metro area for a short time, in order to receive treatment for an illness. While being cared for at his granddaughter’s home, he was visited by many members of her church. The well meaning members brought food, gifts and other items that they thought could be helpful. One afternoon, the gentleman’s granddaughter had a doctor’s appointment, so she asked her best friend and fellow saint to come over and sit with her relative. Her friend did not hesitate. When the friend went in to attend to the older gentleman and take him his evening meal, the man pushed the food tray away and made a rather negative comment about eating from the hands of a “n—–.” Eventually, the granddaughter returned and her friend informed her about what happened. When the granddaughter confronted her grandfather, he lied about what happened, saying that it was his word against her friend’s. He then gave her a rundown of his history and status in both his home community and church.  Is there a message of repentance, hope, redemption, and/or deliverance that can be shared in this scenario?

What do you have to say about the matter?

What does the Bible say about all of the issues?

(A Special Phone Tree BSG Post on Overcoming Vices)

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What I’ve Been Reading and Other Such Considerations



The Phone Tree Book Club|Kingdom Woman (Day 4/7)

Kingdom Woman – The Power and Pursuit of Faith



“When kingdom women become passionate about what God is passionate about, positive change can occur in lives, families, communities, and even our nation.”

“Kingdom women understand that one of the secrets to a life full of the power of faith is to honor God by what you give to Him and what you give to others in His name.”

“A kingdom woman of faith must pursue both Christ and the authority of the Scripture with a heart of humility. It is only when you kneel down…when you humble yourself under His divine authority based on His divine Word, that you will get the power you need to live out the fullness of your destiny.”

“A kingdom woman pursues Christ in private and in public.”

Scripture Reflection for the Kingdom Woman: Ephesians 3:14-21

Encouragement for the Kingdom Woman & the Aspiring Kingdom Woman: Dare to believe God. Believe Him for His power in and over your life. Believe Him for His deliverance and resolution regarding that which you face. Believe Him for His promise of salvation. If your faith is as small as a mustard seed, don’t worry, God can work with that. Passionately pursue Him in every way and know that He will perfectly provide.

Shouldn’t I?

God is a God of action. 

If He demonstrates action, shouldn’t I also? 

God is a God of grace.

If He extends grace, shouldn’t I also?

God is a God of love.

If He manifests love outwardly, shouldn’t I also?

God is a God of wisdom, knowledge, insight, and undertstanding. 

If He shows forth all these things, shouldn’t I also?

God is a God of faithfulness.

If He is faithful, shouldn’t I be also?


The HOSEA Intensive|Prosperous but Bankrupt

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild    
“…financially prosperous, but…spiritually bankrupt.”

In Real Time: Prosperous and yet bankrupt…those words really resonate. They ring like a mighty gong inside my head. How can one be well off and flourishing while at the same time be lacking and without? 

At one point or another in our lives, we all come face to face with this reality, both in the physical and spiritual sense. On the surface or according to the measure of what man sees as success, we live a life of plenty, of abundance, where we have “all that we need.” Underneath all the pomp, however, many of us struggle. We struggle against that which is based in the carnal within us. Inside, for many, there exists a voracious appetite for more

3 Questions: 

1) Can you honestly say that you are satisfied and content with your life at present?

2)  Can God ever be enough for you or are you searching for something more outside of Him?

3) How do you measure success, prosperity, abundance and satisfaction?

Spirit-to-spirit Wisdom Lesson: Philippians 4

The HOSEA Intensive|Prone to Wander

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild  


“We’re all a lot like Gomer – prone to wander. Maybe not unfaithful in marriage or other relationships, but we are all prone to wander from God and our identity in Him.” 

In Real Time: The words that Jennifer speaks are not foreign to me. I know all too well how easy it is to wander away from the One I desire to be closest too. 

How quickly we tend to lull ourselves into a false sense of intimacy with God. We say we want Him and yet out loud, we shun Him, we reject Him, we choose another over Him. When that dreadful thing happens, we put ourselves at risk. We put ourselves on dangerous ground. As such, we forget who we are in Him. And where there is no identity in Him, there is no sense of trueness. There is only a lost, wandering, wondering soul. 

3 Questions: 

1) Have you ever left God in order to pursue another? 

2) How did you feel when you separated yourself from God?

3) What, if anything, brought you back to God after your season of wandering? (Are you still there, in the place of wandering?)

Spirit-to-spirit Wisdom Lesson: James 4:8