It All Comes Down to This, Part 1

Cross in Chilean Desert
A. M. Thoughts: When all is said and done, it comes down to this for me.


– Created the heavens and the earth

– Is the First and the Last

–  Is not man that He should lie

– Gave His only begotten Son

– Is not willing that any should perish

– Is the Way, the Truth and the Life

– Will never leave or forsake us

– Will make a way out of temptation 

– Has all authority 

– Is love

By His stripes, we are healed. 

What does it come down to for you?

Challenge: Write down the things you have come to know about the LORD. Allow Scripture to guide you.

Scripture Reflection: Jeremiah 29:13



Have Faith in Him


“Have faith in Him in all circumstances…” Psalm 62:8


Over the last few days and weeks, my family and I have been hit pretty hard with some of the most challenging news anyone could ever hear. And I cannot lie, it’s been difficult to digest. It has been startling and sobering and devastating all at once. Through it all, God has shown Himself to be strong. He has been a Tower, a Refuge, a Stronghold. He has been faithful. It is there, in the thought and place of His faithfulness, that I have been called to reflect on my own faith. 

In this season, I have asked myself whether or not I believe God to be God. Whether or not I trust Him to be the Source when I am seeking an answer or the Healer when I  have concerns about a cure. I have asked myself whether or not I allow Him to be the Light when things seem darkest and my Salvation when all seems lost. I’ve asked myself whether or not I have faith that God can be God over the noise just as much as over the quiet.

After each episode of my faith examination, I kept coming back to one clear thought…I can believe, I can trust, and I can acknowledge God as God over all circumstances. Why? Because He has shown Himself to be faithful. Throughout history, throughout my life, and throughout the lives of those I have loved and lost, He has been constant in His faithfulness. With this in mind, I can confidently and unwaveringly appreciate Him to be who He says He is, to do what He says He will do and to provide as He has always said He would provide.

So today, I would like to offer encouragement to all those pilgrims, prodigals and seekers who need a sure word. I want you to know that you can have faith in the God who is everything you need Him to be and more. You can faith in the God who desires to be found. You can have faith in Him in all circumstances.

Scripture Review: Psalm 46:10, 62:8, 34:1; Matthew 11:28; Jeremiah 29:13

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Open your heart to God. Reside in His presence. Live in His praise. Trust Him to be God over your life. Go to Him and surrender all now.

How to Disable Your Faith in 10 Steps

 <31) Disregard God.

2) Partake in the unholy.

3) Allow fear to rule you.

4) Believe the whispered words of doubters and defilers.

5) Desperately seek validation from the world.

6) Satisfy your carnal nature.

7) Refuse to stand for Truth.

8) Neglect others.

9) Inhale the insanity around you.

10) Run aimlessly toward nothing and anything.

Spiritual Life Fitness Tip 1: You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

Spiritual Life Fitness Tip 2: Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around…looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

The Heart of a Woman…Week 4

Today marks the end of our study on The Heart of a Woman: Understanding and Having the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted with Father God. Although we have covered much ground, there is still more to go.

Surely, you now have an idea that God is after your heart. He is pursuing you, wooing you, and desirous of having a relationship with you. He is chasing you with His heart wide open. The question is (and has always been)…are you Chasing God?

Week 4 of our study is all about pursuing Father God. It is about personalizing your quest and securing a heart to heart relationship with the LORD.


Lesson 4 of 4 from The Phone Tree Bible Study Series: The Heart of a Woman: Understanding and Having the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted with Father God

Reflections from Your Heart:

What does it mean to you personally to know God as a Father?


The Rhythm of Your Heart: Pursuing Father God

Handout 4 is not available at this time. Contact the facilitator for more information.


A Prayer for Your Heart:
(Please read the prayer out loud. Personalize it.)

Father God, who is like You? You have always been merciful to me. Praise You, LORD. I will sing of Your love and Your unwavering faithfulness all the days of my life. I will declare Your greatness to everyone You place before me. I willingly give my heart to You, entering into the most holy and the most sacred relationship I’ll ever know. I love you, LORD. I am amazed by who You have shown Yourself to be to me. My desire is Your desire. My praise is Your praise. My heart is Your heart. I worship You. You bless me over and over with the gift of Your glory. With every breath You grant me, I will exalt You and lift up Your name. You are MY God. MY Father. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

(based on Psalm 89:1-26)


Heart to Heart:

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Note: Prepare your heart for the final audio lesson associated with this study. Audio lesson 4 will be sent to you along with a very special gift which is meant to help you begin a new journey and draw you even closer to the heart of God.


From My Heart:

This journey with you has been a pleasure and a gift. I cannot help but praise God for what He has done. I want to give God all glory for that which He is doing in the hearts of all of us – His beloved daughters. With full confidence, I can say that our Father wants our hearts – your heart, my heart and all hearts. He will not stop when it comes to the pursuit of our hearts. Don’t you stop pursuing His heart! 

If I could reference one Scripture to help you focus your attention on heart matters as it relates to your heart for Father God and your quest to have a relationship with Him, it would be Jeremiah 29:13. “…seek Me, inquire for, and require Me [as a vital necessity] and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” (AB)     

God Bless YOU as you continue your journey toward the heart of our Father.


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