CLING| Now Available!

Good morning and blessings to all!

By now, you may well have heard the news – CLING by Kim Cash Tate is now available. This is exciting news for many reasons. Not only will you now have access to this amazing Bible study, but you will also get to take part in a Phone Tree featured reflection walk with me.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my heart’s response and my own transparent convictions about how Kim’s words and lessons affected me. In sharing with you, I will hold nothing back. It is my hope that through this exercise of openness and honesty, others seeking a “lifestyle of intimacy with God” will be encouraged to do the same. Just as Kim’s very real truths impacted me and showed me the more of wanting and knowing God, I pray that you also will be impacted and want the more of knowing God.

Phone Tree Book Review: 

CLING: Choosing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God by Kim Cash Tate is a Bible study that will meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. The appeal of this book lies in its invitation to know God; but really, it’s more than that. With Scripture-rich points and narrative vignettes, Tate extends her hand and leads readers toward the One who knows them best. For those ready for and/or needing more, this book will do much to propel you forward, to urge you further, and to ground you deeper.

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Audience: All

Status: Non-fiction, Bible study, Christian 

Books are available for purchase via Discovery House, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, & Get your copy today! 


Top 10 Lessons of the Week (#truth15.1)

1) No matter what, God knows the heart.

2) 1 Corinthians 13 should be read as often as possible and serve as a reminder of what should be.

3) When an opportunity to help someone – anyone – presents itself, do not hesitate to serve.

4) Other people besides you need encouragement and prayers.

5) Raising a child can teach you more things about yourself than you think. Cherish the lessons (the easy, sweet ones and the hard, prickly ones).

6) No evil, no matter how dark and menacing, will ever overcome good or God.

7) __________ (fill in the blank) tries to steal the air that freedom breathes. (Inhale. Exhale. Don’t forget to draw breath from the Most High.)

8) Bible study can look different in different seasons and that’s okay.

9) No is the best yes!

10) Your life is not about you. (To understand the purest and deepest meaning of this, study the following concepts: surrender, glorify, servitude, and love. Consider all as it relates to God.)


The Top 10 Lessons of the Week are a part of my #TRUTH walk for 2015. Throughout the year, you will be seeing more. I cannot wait to see what’s next! May I encourage you to compile your own list of top 10 lessons; you will be blessed through the experience.

(Top 10 photo courtesy of magicwordsquare; OneWord photo courtesy of Traci Michele)

Lessons in the Light & Other Random Thoughts

“You have the fountain of life that quenches our thirst. Your light has opened our eyes and awakened our souls.” – Psalm 36:9


Living the Word is a beautiful adventure.  It is an adventure that is filled with God’s glorious light, with deep revelations about self, and with soul-changing truths that impact how one chooses to go forward. This morning, I thought I would share a few of the lessons I have learned as of late.

1) Being a witness and giving a testimony is not so much about us, rather, it is very much about God.

2) It is in the forgetting of self that we can better remember who we are.

3) The loudest life, much like the quietest, can depict the person who is desperately seeking connection.

4)  Studying the Word of God is like being able to touch and cling to the highest cloud in the sky.

5) The sweet smiles that come your way should be cherished, for they are glimpses of grace.

6) Even in the hard moments of life, we must allow love to rule.

7) Give, expecting nothing in return.

8) When a wrong is done against you, trust assuredly that God will make it right.

9) When a child calls (no matter how many times), stop and answer.

10) A word of encouragement goes a long way in generating peace.