The HOSEA Intensive|Prone to Wander

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild  


“We’re all a lot like Gomer – prone to wander. Maybe not unfaithful in marriage or other relationships, but we are all prone to wander from God and our identity in Him.” 

In Real Time: The words that Jennifer speaks are not foreign to me. I know all too well how easy it is to wander away from the One I desire to be closest too. 

How quickly we tend to lull ourselves into a false sense of intimacy with God. We say we want Him and yet out loud, we shun Him, we reject Him, we choose another over Him. When that dreadful thing happens, we put ourselves at risk. We put ourselves on dangerous ground. As such, we forget who we are in Him. And where there is no identity in Him, there is no sense of trueness. There is only a lost, wandering, wondering soul. 

3 Questions: 

1) Have you ever left God in order to pursue another? 

2) How did you feel when you separated yourself from God?

3) What, if anything, brought you back to God after your season of wandering? (Are you still there, in the place of wandering?)

Spirit-to-spirit Wisdom Lesson: James 4:8