The HOSEA Intensive|Prosperous but Bankrupt

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild    
“…financially prosperous, but…spiritually bankrupt.”

In Real Time: Prosperous and yet bankrupt…those words really resonate. They ring like a mighty gong inside my head. How can one be well off and flourishing while at the same time be lacking and without? 

At one point or another in our lives, we all come face to face with this reality, both in the physical and spiritual sense. On the surface or according to the measure of what man sees as success, we live a life of plenty, of abundance, where we have “all that we need.” Underneath all the pomp, however, many of us struggle. We struggle against that which is based in the carnal within us. Inside, for many, there exists a voracious appetite for more

3 Questions: 

1) Can you honestly say that you are satisfied and content with your life at present?

2)  Can God ever be enough for you or are you searching for something more outside of Him?

3) How do you measure success, prosperity, abundance and satisfaction?

Spirit-to-spirit Wisdom Lesson: Philippians 4