This, That, These, & Those|Being Fully Transparent


Many of you have been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to over the last few months. I assure you that I have been entirely present, albeit quietly so. In truth, I have being doing life. I have been living and breathing and moving and pretty much resting in Psalm 46:10. That looks different day by day. It has been the best thing for me, however.


Where I currently stand is in the heart of family/community life. I am a wife, a mom, a teacher, a tutor, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a career woman, an encourager, a student, and so on. I am so many things to so many people. (I’m certain you can relate to what I’m saying.) In all of that – those roles – thankfully, there is grace and love. And yet, in that or rather in this, I confess, that I have lost a bit of my intimacy with the LORD.


The intimacy, the connection, the relationship that I have with the LORD God, that is vital. It is critical to my existence. I cannot breathe without Him. I cannot function properly without Him. I don’t even want to try. Every part of my being, every role that I am called to live in, is utterly and completely dependent on the Most High. When I was led to tabernacle in Psalm 46:10, I didn’t realize that it would bring me to days like this.


These days that I have been given, they are remarkable. They are beautiful and unique opportunities that continue to draw me closer to the heart of God. They allow me to know God and to make Him known in diverse and colorful new ways. They allow me to be reflective and fully transparent. They are challenging. They are uncomfortable. They are unpredictable. They are humorous. They are heartbreaking. They are real.


All of those things – the challenges of each day, the uncomfortable situations, the unpredictable moments, the humorous adventures, the heartbreaking lessons, and the realness of the real – they have revealed a hidden depth, as it relates to my Psalm 46:10 life in the LORD. It has been breath-taking…literally. It all keeps me both humbled and prostrated. That is where I need to be.

Being Fully Transparent…

God is bringing me back to Him. He is revealing that which needs to be seen in me.  He is showing Himself to me in the ways that I need. I shall continue my tabernacle with Him, quietly so, until such time that I am led to return here on a more consistent basis.


Before I quiet myself again, I would like to encourage you. I lovingly urge you to draw nearer to God. Be still and see Him. Fully. Clearly. Experience Him anew. Taste and see that the LORD is good. Surrender every part of your life to Him and witness His majesty. Know that I will be praying for you.

May God bless you all in this, that, these, and those days.


In the Stillness (Appreciating Your Time with God)

In the stillness, there is quiet, there is peace, there is calm. There is beauty and the fullness of God’s presence. There, in that place of stillness, there is a soothing grace that reaches out, connecting the Divine heart to the life heart of the pilgrim saint.

As you draw each breath in, begin to appreciate each moment that you have been given. Look at it – the moment – as a place of worship. See it as a place for praise. Be still. Be motionless in spirit. Be free.

Live in the stillness that brings forth a holy awareness and awe.

Young Woman Enjoying the View

A.M. Scripture Reflection: Psalm 46:10

Spiritual Life Fitness Principles to Live By:

1) Strive to see God in all things.

2) Surrender to God all things.

3) Seek to hear God’s voice (His Word) before all things.

Have Faith in Him


“Have faith in Him in all circumstances…” Psalm 62:8


Over the last few days and weeks, my family and I have been hit pretty hard with some of the most challenging news anyone could ever hear. And I cannot lie, it’s been difficult to digest. It has been startling and sobering and devastating all at once. Through it all, God has shown Himself to be strong. He has been a Tower, a Refuge, a Stronghold. He has been faithful. It is there, in the thought and place of His faithfulness, that I have been called to reflect on my own faith. 

In this season, I have asked myself whether or not I believe God to be God. Whether or not I trust Him to be the Source when I am seeking an answer or the Healer when I  have concerns about a cure. I have asked myself whether or not I allow Him to be the Light when things seem darkest and my Salvation when all seems lost. I’ve asked myself whether or not I have faith that God can be God over the noise just as much as over the quiet.

After each episode of my faith examination, I kept coming back to one clear thought…I can believe, I can trust, and I can acknowledge God as God over all circumstances. Why? Because He has shown Himself to be faithful. Throughout history, throughout my life, and throughout the lives of those I have loved and lost, He has been constant in His faithfulness. With this in mind, I can confidently and unwaveringly appreciate Him to be who He says He is, to do what He says He will do and to provide as He has always said He would provide.

So today, I would like to offer encouragement to all those pilgrims, prodigals and seekers who need a sure word. I want you to know that you can have faith in the God who is everything you need Him to be and more. You can faith in the God who desires to be found. You can have faith in Him in all circumstances.

Scripture Review: Psalm 46:10, 62:8, 34:1; Matthew 11:28; Jeremiah 29:13

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Open your heart to God. Reside in His presence. Live in His praise. Trust Him to be God over your life. Go to Him and surrender all now.

HUSH – Practicing the Art of Quietness Before God

Young Businesswoman with Her Finger on Her LipsIsn’t it interesting how much one can learn about God simply by being quiet? It’s startling to realize that it’s possible to witness the grand majesty of the Most High just by calming one’s thoughts and stilling one’s movements. By quieting self and listening to Him.  By watching for Him. By observing the wonders crafted by His hand. By seeing the delights that exist in the everyday, which were painted through His artistry.

There is a science to hushing. An art to being quiet. It requires grace. It requires surrender. It requires a willingness of heart. If one is to hear the beautiful language of the Spirit and see the supernatural evidences of the I AM, she must first allow herself to be serenaded by the Holy.

In practicing the fine art of quietness, one can experience the joys of the LORD like never before. Today, if you are willing, allow the LORD God to soothe you. Allow Him to speak His Word-Life over and through you. Allow Him to lull you in His arms. To quiet you in such a way that you can experience the fullness of Him in new and peculiar ways.

Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God…”Psalm 46:10 (AB)