So This is My Life


God. Family. Home. Community.

In all its varying shades and colors, this is my life.

No two days are ever the same.

Beautifully chaotic and delightfully sweet, this life is my reality.

I quietly commune with my Maker, grateful for His touch.

Trusting of His heart, I love how His Word washes over my very being.

Cleansing. Healing. Reviving. Refreshing.

He constantly gives me more of Himself so that I might simply breathe.

His peace, His comfort, His grace never waver.

All that is the Most High allows me to fully embrace, without question or complaint, that which is family, home, and community.

I humbly and excitedly praise my LORD.



It’s So Easy…

It’s so easy to blame other people versus to take responsibility ourselves.

It’s so easy to hold a grudge versus to forgive.

It’s so easy to find something wrong versus to find something right.

It’s so easy to express discontent versus to communicate happiness.

It’s so easy to give up versus to surrender.

It’s so easy to find false comfort in a lie versus to experience true joy in truth.

It’s so easy to live in sin versus to find satisfaction in God.

But what of the cost?

Prayer: Dearest Father, help us. Help us to be a people who are honest and truthful. Help us to be a people who take responsibility for what we do…or don’t do. Help us to be a people who accept the consequences we must for the poor choices we make. Help us to be a people who forgive and love. Help us to be a people who are patient and compassionate. Help us to be wise and not arrogant. Help us to desire what You desire and to be satisfied with what You determine as best. Help us to focus on You and not get caught up on that which matters not. Fill us. Change us. Take us. In the name of the Savior. Amen.

Wednesdays with Luke – A Daily Walk, A Weekly Word

Just Some Thoughts on the Beatitudes: 

So…when I am without and in need, I am blessed?

So…when I am starving, hungry, and yearning for something more, I am blessed?

So…when I am crestfallen and low, I am blessed?

So…when others bother me, ridicule me, insult me or worse because of my love for the LORD, I am blessed?

So…when I am faced with tremendous hardships, I am blessed?

What gives?

You mean to tell me that when these things happen, I am blessed? I am fortunate? I am supremely favored? I can be happy?

What is the gain?

You mean to tell me that should I be faced with these, I can partake of the kingdom of God? I can be filled? I can laugh and rejoice? I can leap with gladness? I can be rewarded with heaven?

How is this possible? MB900430522

Jesus the Christ made this and all things possible.


His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction. 

Lessons in the Light & Other Random Thoughts

“You have the fountain of life that quenches our thirst. Your light has opened our eyes and awakened our souls.” – Psalm 36:9


Living the Word is a beautiful adventure.  It is an adventure that is filled with God’s glorious light, with deep revelations about self, and with soul-changing truths that impact how one chooses to go forward. This morning, I thought I would share a few of the lessons I have learned as of late.

1) Being a witness and giving a testimony is not so much about us, rather, it is very much about God.

2) It is in the forgetting of self that we can better remember who we are.

3) The loudest life, much like the quietest, can depict the person who is desperately seeking connection.

4)  Studying the Word of God is like being able to touch and cling to the highest cloud in the sky.

5) The sweet smiles that come your way should be cherished, for they are glimpses of grace.

6) Even in the hard moments of life, we must allow love to rule.

7) Give, expecting nothing in return.

8) When a wrong is done against you, trust assuredly that God will make it right.

9) When a child calls (no matter how many times), stop and answer.

10) A word of encouragement goes a long way in generating peace.