The HOSEA Intensive|Valued

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on HOSEA: Unfailing Love Changes Everything by Jennifer Rothschild     


“Because Hosea valued her, she began to feel her own value. She was no longer known as ‘Gomer the prostitute.’ She was known as ‘Gomer, the chosen bride.’ Her identity had changed; her life was changing.”

In Real Time: While no one can ever really know just what Gomer was thinking or telling herself way back when, I’m sure we can each certainly see parts of ourself in her story and experiences. We can see the conflict that existed between choosing to do the right thing versus the wrong thing. We can see the struggle that she may have had to accept her new self when her tendency might have been to find comfort in her old self. On the outside looking in, we can see possibilities and relational strengths where she may have only been able to see unworthiness and shame. 

Moving beyond the negative labels and names that we write on our lives and hearts can be difficult. Changing our mindset and attitude can be a challenge. More than that, accepting that we are worthy, only in Christ, is… (you finish that). 

But what if we did begin to see ourselves as chosen? What if we did begin to see ourselves as valuable? What if we did allow God’s words about us to be written, carved, and etched on our lives?

3 Questions: 

1) What labels or names have you given yourself over the course of your life? Are they positive or negative? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Explore your past and identify what labels or names others have used to define you. Did what they say about you or to you shape the way you think about yourself?)

2) Which is easier, to see yourself as a prostitute or to see yourself as a chosen bride?

3) If you are in Christ, what does the LORD say about who you are in Him? 

Spirit-to-spirit Wisdom Lesson: 2 Corinthians 5:17