The Phone Tree Bible Study Group
Welcome to The Phone Tree!

What is The Phone Tree Bible Study Group?
The Phone Tree Bible Study Group is an online bible study group that is dedicated to studying the Word of God. We are a passionate group of Christian women and men who are in pursuit of the Most High God.

Who is The Phone Tree Bible Study Group for?
The Phone Tree Bible Study Group is for any person who is serious about growing in the grace and knowledge of the LORD and in His Word.

This bible study ministry is dedicated to reaching people wherever they are. We realize that life can often get in the way, and as such, many are not able to participate in structured or traditional bible study programs. When this happens, not only is there a missed opportunity for spiritual growth, but there is also a missed opportunity for connection and accountability.

The Phone Tree Bible Study Group is for all who are unable to participate in traditional bible study programs or other small group studies, as well as for those who are able to participate. It is for the stay-at-home mom or dad, the third shift worker, the unemployed individual who needs a Word from the LORD, the sick and shut-in, and the list goes on and on.

We want you to know that it is possible to experience a fresh explosion of faith with the Word of God in an innovative, atypical, and refreshingly new way. We believe that there are a number of ways to reach and teach those who are in need of the Word of God.

Can anyone join The Phone Tree Bible Study Group?
Yes, anyone can join The Phone Tree. It is open to all people, no matter their background. We simply encourage an honest, open conversation about Jesus Christ and a heart that believes that the Word of God is truth.

Can men participate in Phone Tree discussions, studies, etc.?

Absolutely! Men are certainly welcome to participate in any of the discussions, studies, or chats that we have here at The Phone Tree.

How do I join The Phone Tree Bible Study Group?
You may join The Phone Tree Bible Study Group by signing up for one of our bible studies, subscribing to The Phone Tree Bible Study Blog, commenting on one of our many posts related to various Bible-based topics, joining a Table Talk discussion/chat on a particular book, or connecting with us via email.

What exactly does The Phone Tree Bible Study Group study?
The Phone Tree Bible Study Group studies a variety of topics, all of which are based on the Word of God. Our bible studies include, but are not limited to, book/scripture reviews, geographical explorations, Word studies, bible character studies, and concept studies. We use formal studies from various Christian authors, such as Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Priscilla Shirer, Dr. Tony Evans, Mary Kassian, Chip Ingram, Kelly Minter, Sheila Walsh, and many others. We also take part in book chats and book club discussions centered around inspirational messages meant to encourage Christians in their daily walk.

How does The Phone Tree Bible Study Group work?
The Phone Tree works in many different ways. It has several branches, each with its own function and purpose.

The Phone Tree Bible Study Group Blog serves as the online spiritual education and encouragement branch. It allows women and men in our group and outside of our group to freely communicate with each other on a number of subject matters related to the various posts that are listed. It provides spiritually relevant information and resources to those who are interested in starting their own bible study ministry and just don’t know where to begin. It provides activities and ideas for personal spiritual growth and development. It also provides access to ENCOURAGE, which is a page dedicated to providing information on Christian fiction and non-fiction, as well as EDIFY, which contemplates everything and nothing and features blog posts from various writers.

The Phone Tree Connection
The Phone Tree Connection is the live conference call feature that is associated with specific Phone Tree bible study lesson series. At special times during the year, as a new bible study is featured, participants may join in on a phone call and participate in the bible study or simply seek a prayer partner to stand alongside them.

How does The Phone Tree Connection call work?
Participants are provided with a number, as well as a webpage link to access The Phone Tree Call. Those who join in on the direct call can take part in a live bible study discussion. Those who join in via the web may listen in, as well as type their questions or comments in the provided chat space.

How can I connect with The Phone Tree Bible Study Group? You can connect with The Phone Tree via mail, email, The Phone Tree Bible Study Blog, or by phone.

Email: edifier1@hotmail.com
The Phone Tree Bible Study Blog: http://www.edifier1.wordpress.com


22 thoughts on “IGNITE

  1. hi, I’m from Canada and am invested in joining but is the number for the study US based? thanks and may God richly bless you.

    • Thanks for connecting, Kerri.

      When active with the live phone conference calls, the number we primarily utilize is US-based. We have also referred callers to our phone conferencing feature via an 800 number.

      Please know that our present schedule does not have a formal conference call study listed. We will, however, be posting content on the blog.

      Thank you for your interest. God bless you.

  2. Great blog/ministry here Kim! and thank you so much for visiting my blog. I certainly hope I can check in as often as time allows. Great work, great pics and great spirit 🙂


  3. Pingback: What’s Ahead? « The Phone Tree Bible Study Group

    • Welcome, Shenine! Thank you for connecting. It is my prayer that through this ministry you might experience God and His magnificent grace in profound ways. God bless you. – His, Kim

    • Hi Kacey,

      Welcome to The Phone Tree. We are so glad you decided to connect with us. We look forward to engaging in Bible study with you.

      Please feel free to peruse the site and view some of the lessons we have covered in the past. This calendar year’s official Bible study listings can be found under the category feature on the right. It is entitled, “Chasing God: The 2011-2012 Phone Tree BIble Study Calendar.”

      Should you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me directly.

      Tootles and Grace,

  4. Hello Kim
    Can you please explain how I join the Phone tree? I would love to partcipate in the upcoming one November.
    Thank you and God Bless You and your ministry.

  5. I stand in awe daily of how God leads me to my next step in my walk with Him!! I so am looking forward to participating in this site!!

  6. Kimberly,

    This is exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to start my own but did not how to go about it. Great!

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