Random Thoughts on Writing, Inspiration and Living Out Loud for the LORD

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75 thoughts on “INSPIRE

  1. Loving God and following Christ have nothing to do with who does it best. It’s not a competition. Why do so many seem to treat it as such? #Godhelpus (HIS2014)

  2. Random Thoughts and Other Such Hmms – > Yea, so today I met a self-professed cussin’ Christian.

    My Thoughts as I was Faced with the “Special” Situation:
    1) Is there really such a thing? (But I thought the Bible said that blessings and cursings were not to proceed out of the same mouth.)
    2) Oh don’t be so judgmental. We all sin. (But I thought we were called to practice righteousness and to engage in holy living.)
    3) I should say something. But what if they get offended. (But…no buts! Treat them as you would want to be treated, but also remind them how you want to be treated. In love, of course.)

    Living Out Loud for the LORD,

  3. What would happen if each one of us woke up and actually spent time with God via His Word? What would happen if we woke up and spent time talking with Him in prayer? What could we accomplish if we woke up each day and spent time focused on praising and worshipping Him?

  4. Beautiful blog! Beautiful thoughts. I like you. Good to see Fawn’s book featured on your blog. I’ve known her – through her amazing mother – for many years. She is an incredibly gifted young woman. BTW…I think you’d like my book, Called to Rebellion. It’s available on Kindle. Blessings. Sandy Snavely

  5. By…know…live ->
    By faith, know the love of Christ, live in and be filled with His presence (A simple message from Eph 3:17-19)
    An Ephesians Experience

  6. No matter where we are in life, no matter what we are facing or what we have to deal with, no matter what we are asked to give up or to leave behind, God is with us. He will show forth His salvation. He will deliver us.

  7. A word spoken in haste is like a fire that burns out of control. A word written without thought is like a drop of water that sits alone in isolation.

  8. Great gasping moment…when the word you repeatedly heard in your spirit during your Bible study time is placed before you during your morning inspirational reading time. (Umm…God, are You trying to tell me something?)

  9. All things considered, I would very much rather have an honest conversation about the LORD God and His holy magnificence than try to attract attention to myself regarding any “great thing” I might have done. #live4God

  10. Spending quality time with God’s word in your now moments, via reading, writing it out, studying, meditating, and praying through it, is essential. Past memories on what you have learned can only take you so far. You have to experience God and His Living Word right where you are, in the present. No wonder the ancients were instructed to keep it near.

  11. Bleeding words…

    “You are dying. There’s nothing more we can do for you.” These are the words that a dear, beloved friend of mine have heard over the past few weeks. Sentenced to die an all too early death that she’s not quite ready for, she puts forward a brave face. She tries daily to come to terms with her new reality. And the words, “there’s nothing more,” hang in the air, suspended over the head of this pilgrim saint. But those words, they are false. How dare we say them to one another. We can always do more. We can sit and listen and hold hands and pray and love and cover each other with grace. We can witness the manifestation of God in whatever amazingly supernatural way He chooses to show up. We can trust the Almighty to know what He is doing…because He is in control. In control of it all.
    The truth is we are all dying daily. The truth is we are all taking steps toward the unknown, toward that which we have not known before but have been promised. And as we make our way toward Him, the mighty One who exists and who was and is and will be, we can know assuredly that there is something more. There is rest. There is a reward. There is life. Let us not forget to believe God for the impossible. For the “more” we’ve always yearned for. Death on one level is life on another. Let’s agree to speak life over ourselves and over others…no matter what the world might say.

    (Thanks for allowing me to share. My heart is bleeding right now, but at the same time, my heart trusts. Please pray for my friend. God knows her name and He alone has the perfect ending to her story. I know it’s about a new beginning with Him.)

  12. Do you ever stop to think…

    – Are we so busy relegating people to the role of Saul that we cannot see that God has transformed them into Paul?

    – Are people more in love with the title Christian than they are with the man, Christ?

    – Are we condemning ourselves when we condemn others?

    – If God ate with sinners – prostitutes and publicans (of all types and varieties) – shouldn’t we?

    – How can the lost hear the Truth if the found don’t go and share it?

    – Doesn’t the Great Commission call us to go, leaving behind the familiar to go toward that which requires faith?

    – Is there more to God’s love than what we’ve come to know and if so, why haven’t we delved deeper into His heart-Word?

    – If we have been granted freedom, why do we live as if we are still bound?

    – Do we imprison ourselves because of fear and unbelief?

    – If something or someone was removed from our lives, can it be that it was for their good as much as our own?

    – Are we meant to accomplish “small” things in human terms in order to do great things in kingdom terms?

  13. Just Some A.M. Thoughts…

    When you think, do you think…believing?
    When you speak, do you speak…believing?
    When you teach, do you teach…believing?
    When you move, do you move…believing?
    When you step out on faith, do you step out on faith…believing?
    When you live, do you live…believing?
    Believe God.
    He Can.
    He Does.
    He Will.
    He Has.
    He Is.
    Now, go forward and think, speak, teach, move, step out, and live believing Him.

  14. Simple Wisdom Gifts from a Child…

    Looking down at the now sullied dress worn by her favorite doll, the little girl smiled a secret smile. “Did you know God can make dirt beautiful?” “He can,” her mom said with a question in her voice. As she watched her daughter lovingly stroke the dust stains off the doll’s flower-printed dress, it was not lost on her that she was about to hear an important message. “Yeah, you always say He can make everything beautiful, mommy.” In this simple, grace-wrapped lesson, it was as if the God was somehow showing her that dirt would never be able to take away the pretty that’s been bestowed upon a cherished and beloved treasure.

  15. If you never take a chance on your dreams, how will you ever be able to realize just how high you can fly.
    If you never take a step forward, how will you ever be able to see just how far you can go.
    If you never decide to breathe in, how will you ever be able to inhale the sweet delights that have been prepared just for you.

  16. Spirit to spirit conversations as of late:
    – We are not called to compromise with the world.
    – Speak Truth and live truthfully…period.
    – Stand firmly on Jesus Christ; it is THE only way to exist.
    – Give God the glory and credit for everything.

  17. Re-evaluating. Assessing. Examining idols. Confessing faults, sins, and other acts of unrighteousness. Repentance. Forgiveness. Grace. Love. Praise for the Most High. #wouldyoubelieve

  18. There is so much to learn about holiness, worship, and holy fear. I want to be overwhelmingly engaged in the worship of my God and Father.

  19. Wonderings…
    – I wonder why people have trouble believing God.
    – I wonder why it’s easier to see the negative versus the positive.
    – I wonder why man is more accepting of Satan’s lies versus God’s truths.
    – I wonder why so many feel like they have to settle into “average.”
    – I wonder why we don’t ask God for the impossible more.
    – I wonder why people get comfortable in a “stuck place” or a “hole.”
    – I wonder why Christ gets lost in the politics of election.
    – I wonder why branding of self is deemed more valuable than exalting the Most High.
    – I wonder why praise is not practiced outrageously.
    – I wonder why D6 (Deuteronomy 6) is not referenced more in the home and beyond.
    – I wonder why people can’t see that they matter and that there is something special about them.
    – I wonder why not.
    – I wonder if God’s daughters can see the beautiful spoken over them and God’s sons the handsome.
    – I wonder why people don’t talk to each other about the power, presence and provision of God.
    – I wonder why people don’t wonder more. It’s quite something.

  20. Life can only be mastered with the Master. It’s important to remember that when we’ve mastered one level of living, then God has a way of moving us toward the next. As such, I am convinced that each level grants a greater glimpse of His glory.

  21. “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you, and persecute you…” – Matthew 5:44

    Love, bless, do good, and pray.

    No matter what you are accused of, have to deal with, or are called to face, remember to extend grace in action by way of these 4 things.

  22. Thoughts from Daniel 12:

    Reach forward.
    Be blessed.
    Rise to your destiny.
    At the appointed time.
    – God

  23. At the time your endurance is tested the most and your strength is seemingly failing, THAT is the time to praise God the loudest. Shout to Him and of Him with your highest, purest, and best praise.

  24. God can remove any thorn that sticks. He can deliver from any ambush that comes. He can grant freedom in any circumstance. But…

    For His glory & the good

    #growingingrace #buildingupstrength #increasinginfaith

  25. How much do I want God? I want Him so much that even if I have to crawl through fire, I would. And so it is in this season.
    Do I trust You? Yes! In the name of Jesus. Yes!!! (*PWC*)

  26. Random thoughts…

    Perhaps beyond the familiar is the next level of living that God desires for us. After all, moving toward that which is unfamiliar requires faith.

    Living in Christ IS all about God’s glory. It’s the only way to live…ALIVE.

    Don’t get discouraged. The world didn’t get Christ either.

    Sometimes the journey is a hard (and heart) lesson on “have you considered my servant ___ (your name goes here).”

  27. Remember who you are and what you are up against from the perspective of God’s grace and His divine growth plan. (from my personal study on Armed and Dangerously Powerful in Christ – Life Lessons on Spiritual Warfare)

  28. Do you ever consider that God positions you even when you may not feel prepared? He knows what He is doing, and He has orchestrated all things so that you are thoroughly equipped and prepared in and by Christ.

  29. It’s not important to have a large crowd following you; it’s more important to point those who are following you to Jesus. He draws the crowd. #allaboutJesus

  30. “Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are His.
    He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.” – Daniel 2:20, 21b, 22

  31. Gifts & Lessons from the Most High

    I am…
    Inspired to inspire.
    Empowered to empower.
    Transformed to transform.
    Loved to love.
    Graced to grace.
    Blessed to bless.

  32. Summer Sabbatical 2011…My Season of Deep Reflection & Acknowledgement of the Holy:

    – There is such a thing as the “idol of self”
    – (Who are You, LORD?) I AM…El Roi…
    – Just as God sees me, I must see God.
    – As it relates to the LORD: in order to come, I must go; in order to go, I must leave; in order to leave, I must follow; in order to follow, I must see; in order to see, I must look; in order to look, I must be willing; in order to be willing, I must be open; in order to be open, I must believe; in order to believe I must have faith; in order to have faith, I must have hope; in order to have hope, I must have love; in order to have love, I must have Christ (the Way, Truth, Life…THE WORD)
    – Living Water and Bread of Life–>holy nourishment
    – Why seek comfort when lessons of faith teach us that God’s glory is often manifested in uncomfortable situations?

  33. A few random thoughts…

    – What does a day in the life of a pilgrim in the faith look like?

    – Your place of employment, the place where you shop, the place you frequent when you need to “get away” – these are mission fields??? These ARE mission fields.

    – Ministry may look different, but the message of salvation is always the same. #JesusChristisSaviorandLord

    – Do you ever stop and consider what your “letter” looks like? (Thoughts on Being a Living Epistle)

    – If we stop trying to look at the world around us – the world of “me”, “I,” and “mine” – with human (carnal) eyes, then we could truly begin to see the world around us – the world that is in need of love, hope, and healing – with our spiritual eyes.

    – The seed that produces fruit is Love.

  34. I sometimes wonder whether people prefer fiction over Truth. We are often so busy running from reality that we cannot see the Promise of Life. #followChrist

  35. Just thinking…

    Rising from the ashes of adversity

    Marking the concept of time with the eternal

    Moving beyond the boundaries of the possible

    Dwelling in hearts

    Who am I?

  36. Even the wind points to the presence of the Almighty. It’s like a quiet hand that gently caresses the heart. Although, it can also be a bold force that has the power to get your attention.

  37. Seriously, can anyone love us more than God? The answer is simple, but we get it so twisted. More often than not, we answer from our heads with a “no”, but we answer from our hearts with a “yes.” Both head and heart should be “no.” No one can love us more than God. No one!

  38. What do you think would happen if…
    – you shared your lunch with the person who sits alone every day at work/school
    – you gave up a want in order to support someone else’s need
    – you said thank you
    – you gave God your best efforts instead of your average efforts

  39. Sometimes living in the present can be hard when we live in a society that boasts of moving forward QUICKLY!! I’ve heard my generation being called “The Microwave Generation.” And honestly, I have to agree. I believe God is a verbGod. That’s how I describe him. He wants us to pay attention to right now.

    I have to stop and ask myself, “Karmen what do you have RIGHT NOW? You are alive (that’s the biggest thing!) Your mind works, you just got out of a bed (there are people sleeping under bridges as we speak), you have food or have people who are more than happy to feed you, you have transportation, clothes and love!” Wow that’s a lot. I have more than that, honestly, but that was an example.

    Then I have to ask myself, “Karmen what can you DO RIGHT NOW? You can praise God for all that He’s blessed you with. Tell others or better yet SHOW others how blessed you are. We all have gifts. They’re meant to be used right now. We’re spreading ourselves thin when only the Father can make us full.

    We can’t control time. We can’t control others. We can only control ourselves and even that power has to be given up to the Almighty Father in order to be lead down the road of peace, prosperity, eternal life and love. Let God at the wheel. He always drives at a great speed and He never gets lost. 🙂

  40. Why is it…
    – when you strive to do what is right, you sometimes go to the left…or is it really the right?
    – you can never think of what to say until after you’ve left that “thing” behind
    – you see dark spots when other people see the light ones or vice versa
    – good people are conspired against by “good people”
    – it’s hard to recognize your own strength
    – we forget to remember

    • I think that to comprehen you must surrender your all to the Lord and breath him in, what I mean by this is that if comprehension was that easy why do we talk things not related to God. So if you knew how mych God loves you , you will walk according to his will and not your won and to understand him with itmancy, love, compassion for him the way only a parent loves his children.

  41. What is will be and what is to be will come. Living in the now is all we have promised. Let’s allow God to present us with a greater future in His time.

    Share your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear your musings.

    • To live in the now you have to know what the now is, its simpley being a weak christian not knowing if your coming or going or simply sitting still and listening to God speak to your heart.

      sometimes inorder to know the now is you have to what today is.

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