The Great Surrender (Part 3/3)

The Great Surrender…Learning How to Live Like Jesus

Jesus Christ was and is the greatest Teacher of all. His life and example serve as a compass for us, guiding and giving our lives direction and meaning. By studying His experiences, we can assuredly learn how to engage in the Great Surrender.

The Scripture Study: Mark 14

The Lesson Objective (the primary focus as it relates to surrender): To abandon self entirely to the powerful influence of the LORD and His Holy Spirit in order to learn how to live a Christ-like life

The Assignment:

– Complete a word study on the word submit. (Make a point of trying to distinguish if there is a difference between submit and surrender.)

– After your word study has been completed, read Mark 14. Read this chapter at least twice. The first time you read, try to notice the behavior, actions and experiences of Jesus. The second time you read, make a point of underlining those things that resonate with you.

– In your study notes, list the descriptive indicators that demonstrate how Jesus abandoned Himself to the influence of His Father and the Spirit of God.

The Questions:

1) Would it be appropriate to say that Jesus Christ submitted Himself to the LORD and/or to His Spirit?

2) What were the actions or behaviors of Jesus that might have reflected a life submitted?

3) How did Jesus demonstrate His submission to God during His various trials? (See the trials that He faced associated with His disciples and the trials that He faced associated with those who were against Him.)

4) Do you think that the Holy Spirit helped Jesus to focus forward?

5) What is the significance of Jesus’ Gethsemane prayer when considering submission and/or a surrendered life?

6) How does one demonstrate submission to the LORD in the face of dealing with devastating betrayal?

7) What does submission to the LORD look like, in real-time? (Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Journal your way through the day and describe, log, or list the ways in which you submit to God.)

The Take Away:

As I read through this chapter, I could not help noticing how much more mindful I became of Jesus’ endurance. He persevered through so much. The tell of it all had to do with what was said just as much as it had to do with what He – as a man – must have felt. I felt it, and in doing so, my heart hurt in peculiar ways. I could say more, but I won’t. One of my primary lessons that I took away from this reading is that God’s will is way greater than my needs or wants. But there is even more!

As you read and study this weekend and into next week, commit yourself to really dissecting the Word. Break down every aspect of the Scriptures. Appreciate the love and dedication that Christ applied to the process of  the Great Surrender. (Please note that I will make plans to add my additional personal thoughts early next week in the comment section of this post.)

 This 3-part short study – The Great Surrender – is part of an extended Bible study series that I will be presenting in December 2014. If you would like more information on how you can attend a live class on this subject, please email me at God bless!

005692425One gift copy of Beautiful Mess: Motherhood for Every Moment will be given away at the end of this month. If you would like to be considered for this prize, simply email me an example of how, when, and where Jesus demonstrated the Great Surrender. Follow the format listed above when submitting your entry. A random winner will be selected on November 30, 2014.

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